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The story so far

Town of ? puts out call for heroes to investigate the nearby temple of Pelor

Heroes assemble and prove their worth beating on some wolves/dogs in pen behind inn

Newly assembled party goes to temple where swashbuckler dies after charging into the first room

Fortunately, another adventurer (be-kegged warlock) shows up late and joins us

Survive strange mirror puzzle, defeat Orcus worshipper, cleanse temple

Lion has unsettling dream

Party heads off into the sunset to help other towns

In the wilderness encounter bandits on a bridge and fight them off

Come upon a dwarven town in need of aid; they have a goblin problem

We will them build fortifications and shore up defenses

Then we go off after gnolls who have captured some of the townsfolk

Find and kill the gnolls rescuing a guy

William of Silver (Joe’s leader) leaves party to investigate the tower with Potato and Austin’s guys

Lancaster joins the party

Head out to find the goblins; get ambushed on the plains

Learn of impending attack (how?); head back to town

Find town on fire, help to put it out, particular events include trampolining through a window and barging into houses wildly, also intimidating people out

Investigate the old dwarven mines looking for Lesric’s hammer

Find a bunch of Kruthik (and the hammer)

Also find some exotic golems in a well finished room

Golems come alive, attack us, and spill urns that fill the room with poison; clutch badger action plugs an urn to save us

Report back to town

Head off to track the goblins

In the forest we fight some spiders

Encounter a powerful wizard whose tasks we must complete to get through

Fight some exotic and dangerous plants

Overcome a puzzle with clouds and artefacts (randomly wearing glasses ftw!)

We lose the drunk off a bridge

We encounter a dwarf hermit who agrees to join us

We fight and slay a powerful green dragon

Upon exiting the forest we encounter an overwhelming goblin force and are taken captive

We embark on a daring escape which includes dances to distract, much teleporting, and broken hand chains as weapons

We trek back to the town and inform them of our discoveries, also receive a powerful magic hammer as gift for services from dwarven blacksmith named?

Party gets invited to a dinner party at the Mayor’s house

Things go smoothly until the Mayor disappears and a young, local baron (Klafh Stonepit) is found beaten to death

The sherrif locks everyone into the manor house until things are resolved

Our heroes find a lot of the doors in the house strangely locked and marked with symbols (heart, star, shield, etc)

They find a star key behind a picture of the evening sky in the sitting room

They find a shield key on a coat of arms in the kitchen after fighting off a shadowy figure among the rotting food

They find a room with shadowy stone pillars protruding through the floor and imps that hop around before being killed

They find a strange statue that seems to be missing it’s eyes and a pair of doors depicting the statue with gemstone eyes (one red, one green)

Unlocking doors, they find an art gallery with a statue holding a green gem

After fighting off the stealthy ambushers in that room, they recover the gem but still need the red one

They find a room with what appears to be a ritual circle, but can’t figure out what to do with it

Drenil exclaims “lighting these candles seems about as useful as attacking the pillars downstairs!”

So we go attack the pillars…

… and surprisingly find shards of red gemstone which we mend

We open the statue doors and find some bedrooms

The one to the right of the head of the stairs seems plain except for a shimmering portal blocking a doorway

Attempting to disarm the arcane portal sets off a trap and encourages Lios and Lancaster to explore the other room

There, they get entranced by a magical mirror before breaking free and getting the rest of the party

They smash the mirror and examine a clock in the corner

Changing the time on the clock, another key is found

This key allows the party into a bathroom, where they find a confused mage who turns out to be the one who put up the portal to prevent flooding

Past the portal, the party finds an elementalist has flooded several rooms, they defeat her

The party then proceeds to an adjoining barn/garage area where they fight some skeletal steeds and other shadowy figures

After securing yet another key, they make there way to the basement

There they find a room riddled with shadow rifts and containing an open portal in the center, supported by several casters

Lios and Drenil sneak in to jump one of the casters but run into another hidden shadowy figure

Much fighting ensues

The mayor makes an appearance, under the domination of the lead mage chick

The party frees him and he helps defeat the shadowy folk, which returns the room to normal

Gracious of his rescue, he mayor gives the party several magical gifts

The party then returns to the old dwarven mine with some skilled dwarven assistants and enters some secret chambers where supplies were stored

They defeated many wild constructs (exploding fire ones, arbolesters, rapidly reproducing snakes), which included some barrel rolling

They returned to town with many arms and armaments for the dwarven people

With the dwarves armed, plans for finally defeating the goblins were laid

Lancaster and Lios elected to stay at the manor and try to harness the shadow power to aid in the battle

Qurrath and Drenil were joined by Mova and a bard, as well as a dwarven mage Tygan, and planned to find a backdoor into the goblin caves

The core dwarven forces would assault the front

Sneaking in a narrow tunnel, the party found goblins training some monstrous quadrupeds

The dinosaur like monsters wrecked much havoc on the cave while rampaging about, but the party subdued them all before the room collapsed

Continuing their infiltration, they wandered into a kitchen area

There there was an extended battle in which many chefs, buss “boys” and waiters were slain

Finally, the party arrived in a cavernous room containing two large troll statues and the goblin leadership

In a climactic battle, each of the goblin leaders was slain, while none of our heroes succumbed (though it was close)

The dwarves then mopped up the rabble that remained

Resting after victory, Qurrath and Drenil were transported back to the manor where their forms joined Lios and Lancaster in a fight against The Great Turnip (and friends)

The Great Turnip offered Lios a place at his side, but Lios declined

In the battle many foes were slain, as were the images of Qurrath and Drenil

Lancaster was captured

In recognition for the party’s help in eliminating the goblins, the dwarves give us some of the recovered magical relics

Wishing to rescue Lancaster, but finding nobody in town can really help, the party sets off in search of Mayor Witchsmasher’s brother, who apparently has a mastery of the arcane and can be found far to the north

Accepting ritual aid, the party files part of the way

They then begin their slow trek through the mountains and across the snowy northern reaches

They fight off some wild animals, but lose supplies

They take turns leading as they cross the wilderness

They find a hunting camp with a helpful man, Clayton (Joe’s leader #3) and a large friendly dog

They agree to help Clayton find his mark and deal with a bandit problem, in exchange for his aid on their quest

Lios finds and scouts the bandits

The party formulates a plan and attacks at night

Many bandits are slain (some flee), Clayton recovers the child he was there for, the party restocks supplies from the bandits stores

Clayton returns the child to the Celestial Caribou encampment

Clayton tells the party about a mage he knows in the area who might be able to help

The party decides to go looking for Witchsmasher instead

After a long and mildly eventful trip across the frozen wastes, the party arrives at a mining town with another Mayor Witchsmasher

They deliver the news of his brother and ask for aid

Turns out, the mayor himself can’t help us, but there’s a crazy mage in town (Clayton’s guy it turns out) who apparently can help

Said crazy mage gives the party a list of ritual component’s he’ll need to help us locate and rescue Lancaster


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